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Updated September 16, 2014


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Homework by e-mail

If you have completed homework on a computer at home, you might not need to print it. Some teachers are happy for you to send it directly to them.

Please include the following information:

  • subject line: your name, your teacher's name and subject
  • e-mail address (for all teachers)
    • :
  • don't forget to attach your homework!

File format

Most of the school's computers use Microsoft Office, which uses .docx format for Word files. If your word processing software automatically provides a file with a .doc or other extension, the file may have to be reformatted before your teacher can read it.

Please save your files as .docx or as .txt before sending them.

Homework on pen drives / USB sticks

Please note that council policy requires all USB sticks / pen drives to be encrypted. Any unencrypted device may be cleared if used in school. In other words, you might lose all of your work!