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Updated July 11, 2013


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The policy of Our Lady’s High School regarding mobile phones is as follows:

As a general principle, we continue to recommend that pupils do not bring their mobile phones to school. They are very expensive items and, if they go missing in school, North Lanarkshire Council does not provide insurance cover for their replacement.

If your child does bring a mobile phone to school, the following school arrangements will apply:

Any use of mobile phones which involves bullying, the invasion of privacy, the circulation of libellous or pornographic materials, or the photography of other individuals without permission will be considered unacceptable.

Any use of mobile phones which disrupts the work of the school will also be considered as unacceptable. This includes the use of mobile phones for calls / texting, as well as for all other purposes such as taking photographic or video images, internet access or playing music.

On the other hand, we do believe that a total ban on mobile phones in school is both unrealistic and unreasonable. They are part of everyday technology. Most phone use is legitimate. They have potential use in learning and they give some pupils a greater sense of safety and security.

However, since our school campus is generally a very safe place, we consider that in normal circumstances, the whole school day should be considered as a phone free period. There are already school procedures if you or your child needs to make contact with each other during the course of the school day.

This means that throughout the school mobile phones should be switched off and kept out of sight during the school day. Pupils will regularly be reminded of this fact.

This applies particularly to the use of mobile phones, especially those with camera and video capabilities, in classrooms, toilets, changing rooms, corridors and play areas.

SQA specifically forbids the use of mobile phones in examination rooms; if they are found in the possession of a candidate he/she risks forfeiting all of their examination certificates.

The main exceptions to general school policy will occur in cases where there is a health or safety issue and another form of communication is not readily available.

The school’s normal disciplinary sanctions will apply in cases where mobile phones are used inappropriately.

In some circumstances, this will include the temporary confiscation of phones by staff and appropriate arrangements being made for their return. In some situations, this will involve returning the phone directly to a parent or carer.

In instances of illegal use, police involvement is a possibility.

For further information, please contact the Headteacher.