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Updated July 11, 2013


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Parent Councils support parental involvement in schools.

You can find more information at the Parentzone website.


Parent Council Membership
Mrs Suzanne Graham
Mr Patrick Davis
Church Representative
Mrs Margaret Dochnenko
Headteacher and
Adviser to Council
Mrs Kathleen Sinclair
School Chaplain

Fr Frank King

Parent members

Mrs Lorna McCafferty (1st year representative)
Mrs Louise Cunningham (2nd year representative)
Ms Helen O'Rourke (3rd year representative)
Ms Clare McCarron (4th year representative)
Mr James Tyrell (5th year representative)
Mr Allan Baird
Mrs Donna Burnett
Mrs Maria Cassidy
Mr Gerry Connelly
Mr Christopher Torrance
Mr Stephen Verrechia

Student members
School Captain
School Captain
Staff members
Mr Stephen Brogan
Mr Andrew Smith