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Updated July 11, 2013


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Pupils are allowed to use the following areas of the school before 09.00 and at interval and lunchtime:

the ground floor of the main building in the three storey block only;
the first floor of the main building, except for the area immediately next to the Mathematics Base.

Unless with the permission of a teacher (for example, to attend a club or lunchtime activity) all other areas of the school buildings are out of bounds. This includes stairways in the main building which must be kept clear for health and safety reasons.

Being allowed to use social areas in the school is a privilege, not an entitlement. Everyone is responsible for making sure that this privilege is not abused. There are staff on duty to make sure that some pupils don’t spoil this for everyone else. You too can help by not putting up with unacceptable behaviour from other pupils.

Actions that annoy other pupils or that could cause accidents and injuries are not acceptable. These include:

running in corridors or stairways;
noisy or unruly behaviour;
dropping litter;
defacing posters and display or putting graffiti on benches.

Because it is dangerous, you must not use electric sockets to plug in items such as hair straighteners.

Mobile phones must not be used within the school buildings. These must be switched off and kept out of sight.

School bags should not be left unattended beneath benches or under stairs. This can cause accidents and also encourages theft.

Following these simple rules means that everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy the use of social areas.

If you have any ideas for improving the use of social areas, you can put these in the suggestion box at the front of the school or let your pupil council representative know.