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Updated February 9, 2017


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The Scottish Qualifications Authority organises all of the exams in Scotland from Standard Grade to Advanced Highers.

SQA exams

Every pupil will receive a Scottish Candidate Number (SCN). This number must be written on all of your exam papers, but you can take your SCN card into the exam with you. If you lose your number, please see the Deputes immediately.

You will also receive a personalised exam timetable before the exams begin. You can check the exam times on the master timetable. The master timetable is also available online at the SQA website.

Departments will also pin up lists of exams with seat numbers shortly before the exams.

Most of the exams for S5/6 will take place in the Kamwokya Room. If other arrangements have been made, you will be notified in advance.

SQA results

There are two ways to receive the results of your SQA exams. All pupils should receive their results in a letter, but you can also arrange to receive your results online or by text through MySQA .

Please note the following:

If you registered for MySQA last year, you do not have to register again, but make sure to check your details are correct and up-to-date.

When you register, you will need your Scottish Candidate Number AND a valid e-mail address or mobile number. Once you have registered with the site, you will receive a user ID - OLHS will not have copies of your user ID so keep it safe!

The SQA will upload your address from the information held by Our Lady's, so make sure the office has your latest details, especially if you have recently moved house!

If you want to receive your results online, you must register and activate your account.

Finally, once you have registered you will be able to see all of the exams you are due to take. Read this information carefully. If you see something which you think is incorrect, please talk to the relevant subject teacher first, rather than the Depute.

Study Leave

Pupils sitting SQA exms from S4-S6 have study leave. See the school blog for details.