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Updated September 13, 2013


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Mock interview programme

Every year, 6th year pupils have have the opportunity to take part in a mock interview.

A mock interview gives you the chance to practise for the real thing without worrying about the outcome. You are able to prepare questions and answers and work on your interview technique.

You will be interviewed by people from industry and business. These interviewers are volunteers and are not paid. They are giving up their own time to help you.

The process will begin with an assembly in the Kamwokya Room where you will be given your Mock Interview Pack. You will then complete your application form and submit it. At the appropriate time, a room and interviewer will be allocated to you by Mrs Zambonini. A copy of the application form can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.

Application form

Please follow these instructions

  • fill the form in using BLACK pen only
  • do not use tippex or score out
  • remember to check your spelling
  • complete all sections
  • check and double check your form before submitting it
  • write concisely.

There are eight parts to the form:

Part 1 – your personal details
Part 2 – your qualifications
Part 3 – details of any work experience, part time or holiday work
Part 4 – interests in and out of school
Part 5 – targets and future career plans
Part 6 – any other relevant information
Part 7 – ‘Determined to Succeed’ statement
Part 8 – your signature and date

Preparing for the interview

  • treat it like a proper interview
  • know the date, time and room where the interview will take place
  • wear smart (but comfortable) clothes, be clean, neat and tidy
  • shoes should be smart; trainers are not a good idea
  • avoid chewing during an interview
  • speak clearly and confidently
  • sit up straight
  • walk into the room confidently
  • if you shake hands, do it firmly
  • SMILE and enjoy the experience

Possible Questions

Questions will be about you and the things you have written on your application form.
You could be asked about:

  • your school record
  • what you are going to do when you leave school
  • the career path you have mentioned
  • your suitability for this career path
  • your interests, hobbies and responsibilities
  • what work experience you have already and if it's relevant to your career choice

You may be asked to expand on information you have given.

For example…

  • what is your favourite subject?
  • why do you like it?
  • what interests you about it?
  • how is this relevant to your career choice?

The more information that is on your form, the more you can expand on and talk about.

Application Form

An Adobe Acrobat version of the application form is available by clicking here.