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S1/2 Physical Education

All pupils, in their first two years at Our Lady’s, follow a similar programme and are involved in a vast range of activities, allowing every individual to shine in one or more areas of Physical Education. Pupils are involved in individual and team games as well as the more aesthetic based activities. Below is a list of all activities offered to our junior pupi’s.Badminton, Basketball, Trampolining, Football, Fitness, Dance, Volleyball, Athletics and Social Dance.Furthermore, in the summer term, pupils are offered, what we in the PE department call, summer games. Included in this are, Softball, Rounders, Ultimate Frisbee, Cricket, Tennis and Short Tennis.It is our aim in the PE department, to provide quality learning experiences for our pupils, giving every individual a chance to experience success and a sense of achievement as well as enjoyment in participating in different activities.


S3 Core Physical Education

As in S1/2, pupils in S3 are involved in a planned programme of work allowing all pupils the opportunity to be involved in similar activities. Programmes are compiled at the beginning of the school year and displayed in the PE department so that pupils can easily identify which activity they will be undertaking at any given time.


S4 Core Physical Education

In S4, pupils are granted a little more freedom in their choice of activity. We understand that by this stage in the pupils’ development, preferred activities have already been identified and we hope to allow all our pupils to enjoy their physical education.

We still aim to provide a varied range of activities, so what is offered is course choices at the start of each term which allows pupils to rank activities in an order of preference. From this, classes are then assembled per activity block and, where possible, pupils are granted their first choice.

Activities on offer throughout the year are similar to those programmed for S1 and S2.

Our common aim remains the same. All pupils should be involved in an enjoyable, educationally and socially worthwhile learning experience.



Currently, our senior pupils are allocated the equivalent of one half period of PE per week. Year groups work on a rotation with PSHE and therefore attend PE for only half of the year.

When in the PE department, our senior pupils make all activity choices based on previous experiences and interest in new activities.

At this stage, we work alongside community links such as North Lanarkshire Leisure in order to offer expert instruction in different areas of the fitness field such as Thai Bo, Boxercise and Aerobics.

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