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ESOL(English for Speakers of Other Languages) is a system of SQA exams which aims to give students the tools in English to operate in the community and move into work or further education. It is anticipated that all second language students will begin to study ESOL when they move into middle school. For more information about ESOL and Curriculum for Excellence please go to the following website: www.ealedinburgh.org.uk

Last year was a busy and highly successful year with 6 pupils achieving a good pass at Intermediate 2- well done! In Intermediate 1 ESOL as part of Curriculum for Excellence we have been trying to make use of ICT, video and video editing in the class to allow the pupils to become more confident in their speaking of the English language.

To bring Scottish culture closer to the pupils we have organised a trip to see the Pantomime Robinson Crusoe with John Barrowman on the 19th of December. Tickets are still available for this great show so if your son or daughter is interested please bring in a £10 deposit to reserve their place.

This year we have 5 pupils sitting Higher ESOL for the first time and 5 pupils working towards their Intermediate 2 qualification. There are 10 pupils working towards their Intermediate 1 qualification as well as the younger pupils some of whom are getting extra support from a language specialist.

Click on an image of a pupil to view some examples of Higher ESOL work

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Useful websites to use for ESOL Intermediate 1 and 2

www.bbclearningenglish.com is good for Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation

Grammar Challenge
The Indefinite articles (a and an)
Subject Verb agreement
Present Continuous Tense


Grammar and Vocabulary
Grammar A-Z content
The Definite article (The)
Grammar Quizzes




To view our October 2011 newsletter in English click here

To view our October 2011 newsletter in Polish click here

If you have any questins about the ESOL course please feel free to contact the Learning Support Department by emailing us @enquireslearningsupport