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Learning Support offers a variety of support for pupils. We both have older brothers who have been given the support needed to get them to pass their exams. We have learned that the school fully supports the needs of all its pupils and we hope you find our page helpful and interesting.

Photo: Support for Learning DepartmentWhat type of support do you give to the pupils? 

Pupils are given individual support, small group support, reading and writing, talking, listening, Maths, French, Social Subjects, Science and other subjects.

Learning Support also provide learning aids such as Alphasmarts, laptops, spellcheckers, translators, books, Maths/Science equipment, computer programs, behaviour support, areas for pupils to go when they need some peace and quiet and exam support (reading, scribing).

The staff also provide a lot of help to pupils who have joined our school from other countries and are learning English as a second language.


How does this support benefit pupils?

The support benefits pupils who struggle to catch up with schoolwork to progress. It helps boost confidence within pupils and helps people who would have a difficulty putting their answers into their own words. It also benefits pupils who have syndromes, such as dyslexia, ADHD, Dyspraxia etc.


Do you think that the support is useful?Photo: Support for Learning Department

Pupils and parents appreciate the support. Our purpose is to make sure pupils progress and are challenged as they go along and this is proved by exam and assessment results.


What are your plans for the department in the future?

We plan to continue to develop and expand the support we offer to pupils who have Additioanl Support Needs.

We plan to continue to deliver SQA ESOL courses to our 2nd language students and to develop the new National exams.

We plan to continue our programme of pupil and parent activities to ensure all members of our school community feel included.


Staff of the Support for Learning Department

Mrs Tulley (Head of Department)
Mrs Bertolini (Behaviour Support Teacher)
Mrs Maguire (Teacher)
Ms McGinness (Teacher)
Mrs Evans (ASN auxilliary)
Mrs McMullen (ASN auxilliary)
Mr Hepburn (ASN auxilliary)
Mrs Dines (ASN auxiliary)

Other support staff include …

Speech and language therapists
Occupational Therapists
Teachers from the Hearing and Visually Impaired Units

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