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There's more than just Google.
Try some of the others listed below, and compare results.
Search Engines
The best search engine around. Still worth investigating the others though. Check out Google's Advanced Search for more precise results. Allows UK specific searches.
The Directory provides a different way of searching. Directories allow you to follow search paths, helping you find the exact information you need.
This search engine tries to supply the most important results for your search, rather than the most popular results. Allows UK specific searches.
Actually shows you the webpages. Look through the results as if you are flicking through the pages of a book.
This engine provides the results in a visual splodge, which makes connections when you hover over the top of them.
Searches free magazines on the web.
Search Engines for younger surfers
This is a Directory - a list of selected websites organised under specific topics. Directories are useful for leading you to websites you might have missed otherwise.
Meta-search engines
Dogpile searches Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask! and gathers all the results into a single list.
Search Engines
A collection gathered by Mrs Macfadyen. Some are copyright-free for use online, others are not.
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Last updated
September 23, 2014